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Le coronavirus au Népal

3 avril 2020

Nous avons écrit à Sherman, il nous raconte comment il vit la situation.

Namaste,Francoise & Francois.
We all are going through very difficult time.I am seeing the number of people getting infected,mortality rate and recovered patient which is updating every hour.Its really worse to see that thousand of people die just because of virus and million of people suffering from it directly and indirectly.Most of European countries are badly suffering from the virus.Yes,in Nepal view cases are seen.I think in Nepal we have very view testing kits.Till date less than 1000 people sample are testes.Probably due to lack of resources and government poor mentality and poor strategy very view case had seen.Since last ten days Government decided to Lockdown the country for next one week and it seems that it will extend more.
Here,in my hospital we medical officer are divided into 7 group to mobilize in different wards,isolation,ICU,emergency room and quarantine turn by turn for next two month.I heard some of medical officer will be send to different district border to check up the people passing through border.We don’t have good PPE to wear and examine the people and no one know when will this virus pandemic last for.Hope health team in different country will find vaccine or some medicine for this virus to control pandemic and to treat the infected people.Just because of few cases seen in Nepal we can’t say that there is few chance of having positive cases in Nepal as only government hospital are working to fight against Covid-19,most of private hospital turned down to provide health services and we have very few resources and testing kits,which are not sufficient to collect sample from all over the country.
Take care,stay safe.Few days ago Urmila and Ashmita also asked about you friends.We miss you all in every good and bad time.Here we all are fine.Hope everything goes well.
My best regards to all friends.Hope we all will be successful to fight against this bad time and everything gets normal.
Bye see you soon.Stay safe and god bless you all.


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